This is a copy of my original post on imagine your icon, and it gives steps
as to WHAT you should do to build your site.

Good luck, and happy coding!

Look let me be honest. I see a lot of people tagging rbs of the tumblr tag blocking with "move to x site. y site won't do this" and that is a good, temporary idea! however if that site ever, and I mean EVER has an app on the apple store (and most likely the google store in the future, cause you know it will happen eventually) then that site will get neutered too if it gets popularly used enough. It does not matter. Social media is going to be the end of Your content (unless it is Marketable content) and they're gonna try to shove NFTs in your faces now because that's what they're calling Web 3.0 (ew. god I hope not) The only thing I can really recommend? Curate your own space on the net. I have had a (ever migrating) website for 15 years. Fanfiction, Reaction icons, fan shrines (that can even predate a couple wiki pages) backups of mentors sites ect... on a server. All my own content, all my own code. I could ditch Tumblr but honestly, I am lazy and I don't promote it enough.

TL;DR steps

(that are explained in more detail below) are: Research what domain name you want! There are so many to choose form now that you can get anything that isn't one dictionary word or a licenced IP. (You do NOT want to get sued for that.) If you're just gonna buy hosting: Learn HTML, PHP, FTP, and Markdown. ALWAYS research the hosting you're buying. Use an Open Source CMS. Grab a Bootstrap Template and slam your content down. If you're gonna make your own server, Learn basic Linux servers, how to run a terminal, and install LAMP in ADDITION to the above. ALWAYS USE SECURE JUMBLE PASSWORDS. No dictionary words! Use symbols and caps like hellfire and write them down in a physical book you can stash away!

NOW for the details:

1. Get yourself and a couple friends together and buy a cheap domain and web hosting. Namecheap sells domains for like a dollar a year and even has promos to buy a nice domain for 5 years. [[this domain was $2USD.]] 3a. If you can't buy that OR you don't trust how long a host can upkeep, learn how to set up a linux server from an old computer you may have, something you can shuck from goodwill/thrift store/swap meet, or a 35$ raspberry pi (maybe, not sure if that works) If you're fancy you can even make a raid setup out of hard drives from some old DirectTV/Cox cable boxes. 2a. Learn, Learn, LEARN, which is the hardest part. HTML, Basic PHP, and Simple markdown structure (Which you may already know cause Discord uses this!) is what got me through this. They all have documentation! 2b. You can grab up free bootstrap designs&themes to make your site look nice (a universal standard for mobile websites) and bam. You have a place where the ONLY person who can control your content is you and it's mobile friendly so there's no need for an app. 3. Learn How to install LAMP Into that server, make strong af passwords, and throw a Content Management System (CMS) into it, like Jekyll (The one GitHub uses for it's pages) or Pico. Hell, if you want just a gallery site, use UberGallery or Single File PHP Gallery(sfpg)! ANYTHING open Source is your friend. I promise you. You still have to put a link on socials so people will go to your site, but it's worth it. It really can be worth it. (Hell, you can even host a Minecraft server this way if you're super savvy and wanna learn how to do that.) If that's too much but you have friends who can help? Ask them. Commission them even, for help.

Is it a lot? Yes. It's a proccess and it's effort. But It's really all you can do at this point if you want your own space.

Tumblr is a cluster of servers. Hell, the entire internet and it's infrastructure is a cluster of servers that will all eventually go offline will fade over time. (No site is eternal and we all have seen that.) But having your own server has it's advantages and I will never recommend it ENOUGH.